How To Wear A Tiara

Every queen deserves a crown, darling! 

Nothing says opulence and glamour quite like a jewelled headpiece. While extravagant hair adornments were once reserved for royalty, these days there are plenty of reasons to make a tiara or crown part of your wardrobe.

Here are our golden rules for rocking your very own Monarque headpiece.

1. Tiaras, crowns and jewelled hair accessories are most commonly worn by a bride at her wedding. However, if the dress code permits, why not rock a headpiece to an engagement event, birthday party, school prom, high tea, dinner party, music festival, quinceañera or bat mitzvah?

2. Every tiara and crown designed by Monarque can be attached using two loops at the back of the metal frame. Simply secure your headpiece head by threading an elastic string through the loops and tying the ends together. Don’t worry- every tiara and crown purchase comes with its own elastic string. 

3. Only put your headpiece on after you’ve finished with the hairspray. Otherwise, you’ll risk dulling your glittering adornment with sticky residue. 

4. You can choose to wear our designs lower or higher on your head, depending on the type of look you’re hoping to achieve. A crown worn high on the head can create the illusion of a Madonna-esque halo, while a crown worn much lower on the forehead can appear more bohemian or casual. 

5. Avoid washing your hair immediately before wearing one of our designs. Day-old hair allows for you to more easily style your tresses to complement the shape of your headpiece. 

6. If you must bend the frame of your headpiece to adjust the size, do so slowly and gently.